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Importance of Ethics Essay

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Introduction of Ethics Essay
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Ricketson agreed to operate Arturo, a legal duty was established between him and the patient, and in the provision of services, a physician possesses a duty of professional care to the patient.

In this respect, Dr. Ricketson was expected to use the right titanium rods rather than the improvised screwdriver rods that were not recommendable for human implantation. Therefore, implanting screwdriver rods rather than titanium rods is an obvious breach of duty that is self-spoken. This is in line with the notion that state-run institutions are poorly run and inefficient in their operations. While people from different cultures may have a different translation of the case above, some other people would even resolve traditional treatment methods which they believe could be more careful and true in their service.

An incidence such as the one discussed in Iturralde v. Hilo Medical Center, USA can result in the public losing trust in state-run health care facilities which they believe can be a source of problems rather than healing.

Although HMC was to some extent accountable of the surgery gone bad, it was Dr. In the case at hand, Dr. Ricketson thought waiting for the titanium rods for one and half hours was risky for the patient. Much concerned to alleviate suffering and fighting to save Arturo life, Dr. Recommendation In order to prevent liability issues in the future, HMC could change its employment policies to ensure that physicians and health care providers employed in the facility are competent and skilled enough to handle all cases involving treatment.

Although it is believed that health care providers and staff are well trained to the standard of care and also ethical guidelines, it would be good to conduct continuous training on the expected code of conduct and state clearly in the code of conduct that every practitioner is held wholly liable for all malpractice litigations.

Employing eligible employees would ensure that people employed in the health care facility are competent enough and skilled to handle patient cases.

In addition, with the practitioners being aware that they are responsible for their own actions, they will be much more careful in their practice and ensure that they provide a safe, quality healthcare experience to their patients. In this project, you will analyze a court case involving medical malpractice Please see attachment for case.

You will use the facts from the original case to identify an ethics issue, determine an ethical theory that would help provide a safe and quality healthcare experience for the patient, and apply a clinician—patient shared decision-making model. In this section, you will evaluate the case to identify the specific ethical issues and determine ethical theories and shared decisionmaking models that would help resolve the issue and provide a safe, quality healthcare experience.

Then, you will propose and defend ethical guidelines for healthcare providers to follow in order to avoid future incidents. Describe the ethical issues that led to the malpractice case and explain why the issues are credited with causing the incident. Support your response with research and relevant examples from the case. Describe an ethical theory that would help resolve the issue and provide a safe, quality healthcare experience for the patient. Select a physician—patient shared decision-making model and explain how it would provide a safe, quality healthcare experience for the patient D.

Propose ethical guidelines that would have helped prevent the incident and would help the organization prevent future incidents. Defend how your proposed ethical guidelines will hold healthcare providers accountable to themselves, their profession, their patients, and the public. Healthcare ethics are moral principles, values, and beliefs which guide caregivers in their service delivery Vermont Ethics Network, Ethical issues depend on the nature of the choice to be made, and the role played by the practitioner and the care receiver.

Ricketson did not follow all the four principles he did not give the patient autonomy over his own body. In addition, although he practiced beneficence, he did harm to the patient by implanting screwdrivers instead of the recommended titanium rods hence breaking the principle of Non-Maleficence.

According to Moore , there are three aspects which make a surgical procedure ethically acceptable: It was, therefore, wrong for Dr. Ricketson to use a procedure which is not ethically acceptable, thus causing the death of the patient. Another ethical issue in the case is the reluctance of the second-opinion physician, Dr.

Feldmeyer, to alert the hospital administration about the malpractice. It is the obligation of the second opinion physician to blow the whistle if she or he observes a bleach in the standard of treatment by the main practitioner. In the case at hand, the patient died because the physician did not conform to the rules, duties, and obligations crucial to the delicate procedure he was undertaking.

It is for this reason that deontology is proposed as the best ethical theory to resolve similar issues in future, ensuring that patients are provided with a safe and quality care.

According to Hynes , deontology theory holds that a practitioner should strictly adhere to pre-set rules which are unbreakable and do not vary depending on the situation. Using this theory, the actions of Dr. Ricketson are found to be unethical, especially his use of screwdrivers instead of the recommended titanium rods. It is clear that the doctor did not follow the set rules and guidelines. In deontology, morality is based on the action and not the outcome. A harmful action, such as unapproved procedure, is not acceptable regardless of the outcome.

The actions of Dr. Ricketson are, therefore, viewed as unethical even if the patient would have healed from the procedure. According to Mandal, Ponnambath, and Parija , medical negligence results from a deviation from the guidelines and set standards. Using deontological principles, it can be argued that both doctor Dr. Ricketson and Feldmeyer were negligent; the former for using a harmful procedure, and the latter for failing to report to the hospital administration.

Shared decision making is an approach to medical practice in which the decision is arrived at through consultations between clinicians and patients by considering all options and using available evidence to make informed preferences Elwy et al , Decisions should not only be guided by scientific evidence but also preferences of patients and families in a shared decision making SDM model that is practical for each situation.

In the current case, a three-talk model is proposed. The model presents SDM as a transition between three types of talks which are the team talk, the option talk, and the decision talk Elwy et al , In the model, clinicians work with patients to determine treatments, tests, and management options using available evidence and considering informed preferences.

The model is characterized by active listening, deliberation, consultation, and working together. There is a logical sequence between the different kinds of talks, although the model is not linear but rather cyclic. The model will be useful in giving a conceptual framework for shared decision making in cases similar to the one of Iturralde and Dr. Ricketson made a unilateral decision about using screwdrivers instead of titanium rods without consulting the patient or even other caregivers.

Had he applied the three-talk model of SDM, the patient would have given his opinion and preferences, and thus the doctor could not have been found to be negligent as it was in the particular case. SDM helps to achieve a safe, quality healthcare experience for patients by utilizing different categories of expertise both in medicine and in personal life.

As Elwyn et al. The three-step model for SDM has psychological, emotional, and social factors which influence the dialogue between the physician and the patient. The team talk helps to ensure the patient understand the options available. The option talk is used to five more detailed information while the decision talk considers the preferences and settles on the best choice. To prevent incidences similar to the discussed case, ethical guidelines, recommended by the American College of Surgeons , have been proposed to help the healthcare organization improve its services.

First, there is a need for practitioners to provide the highest quality care by abiding by rules and regulations as well as maintaining competence throughout their careers. A responsible healthcare giver should provide effective treatment appropriately and compassionately through the application of knowledge, skills, and experience. A surgeon ought to study and evaluate a new procedure or innovation so that he or she becomes proficient with its application.

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