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I do my homework in the morning

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i do my homework in the morning

I do my homework in the morning always in the evening
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Try going for a 10 or 15 minute jog in the morning. Relax in the morning. You should start your day with a clear head. Stay away from your computer until after you eat breakfast. Spend some time planning your day. Consider meditating for a few minutes after you wake up so that you are calm and ready to begin your day.

When you associate a place with work, your mind becomes primed to work when you sit down. Pick a place with no TVs or phones. It might help to have a computer around, in case you need it for research, but maybe not so close that you are likely to be distracted by the Internet. Be sure that the space is far from noisy siblings or parents. You are more likely to be productive when you decorate your workspace to your taste. The colors in your workspace have been shown to affect your performance. Red creates greater attention to detail, which is a good skill for a subject like math.

Green and blue tend to encourage creativity, meaning they might be useful when you are working on creative writing. Decide if you have too many obligations. In that case, you will need to figure out what is most important.

You might need to cut some extracurricular activities, like sport or club obligations, that distract you from your school work. If your school work itself is too much, consider dropping some AP or honors classes. Be leery of obligations that require you to wake up earlier in the morning, cutting into your sleep. They might be able to give suggestions. Modern electronics like TVs, cellphones, and computers can be addictive.

When you sit down to work, you are often distracted by these addictions. That not only makes it more difficult to finish homework promptly, it can affect your ability to remember material, or concentrate for long periods of time. Alternatively, promise not to use any technology after a certain hour of the day. This can also make it easier to sleep, because the light from screens causes insomnia.

Consider spending more time on activities that build your attention span. These include reading books and meditating. Consider downloading an app for your cellphone or computer that blocks distracting websites. Talk to your family members if they are distracting you. Your siblings and parents can be part of the problem if they are loud when you are work.

Let them know what time of the day you plan to work so that they will give you quiet space and help keep you on task. Reward yourself when you do well.

Ask your parents for help by giving you incentives for doing well in school. Alternatively, reward yourself when you do a good job, and punish yourself when you fall short. Watch a show that you enjoy. Go for a jog. You could also ask your parents to pay you or give you gifts if you get an A on your report card. This can help motivate you to get to work. You are more likely to be motivated if you are in a friend group that reinforces academic goals. You might even want to try taking summer courses at a college, so you can see how college students motivate themselves.

Ask for help from friends and family. Your parents know you better than most people so they might be able to help explain why you are having trouble. They can also help enforce your homework time. Similarly, you can ask your friends how they manage their schedule.

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Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 3, times. Set an alarm for the time you need to wake up. Set an alarm so you can be sure you get up with plenty of time to finish your homework. If you find yourself hitting the snooze button too often, try leaving your phone or alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up to turn it off.

Ask your family for help with getting out of bed. If you have a family member who wakes up early, ask them if they can check to make sure you are awake in time. If none of your family members get up early, ask one of your early-rising friends to call you first thing. Go to bed at a sensible hour. Teenagers need hours of sleep in order to be at their very best. Put your phone on a sleep timer if your friends have a habit of calling or texting you late into the night.

This is especially true for big projects like science projects or book reports. Stretch and practice deep breathing as soon as you get out of bed. Stretching helps boost your circulation and can help you feel more alert, which will help you do better on your homework.

Taking deep breaths increases the oxygen flow to your brain, which can help you wake up faster. When you first wake up, take the deepest breath you can and exhale slowly. Repeat this several times, then try some easy yoga stretches or just bend down and touch your toes. Drink a glass of very cold water. Drinking a big glass of ice-cold water can trigger your body to produce adrenaline and can boost blood flow to your brain.

That increased blood flow might give you the edge you need to get your homework done on time. Sit at a desk or table to do your homework.

You should never do your homework in bed, because it decreases productivity. It can also lead to problems going to sleep later on. Sitting at a desk or a table will help you feel more focused on your homework. Do logic-based homework first.

Students are able to focus better on simple, logic-based problems first thing in the morning, as opposed to abstract thought, which can lead to daydreaming.

Doing your math, science, or vocabulary homework first will help you to focus. Leave your creative work, like essay questions, for last. Do a few jumping jacks or jog in place to get your blood flowing.

This will help you feel more awake. You can apply them directly to your skin on pulse points like your wrists or temples, or you can put them in an oil warmer on your desk.

These are known to help you feel more awake. Finish in time to get ready for school.

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I do my homework in the morning Set out your homework on your desk the night before. Take 10 – 15 minutes to look through your homework, to check your diary daily and to set out your homework in readiness for the morning. I Do My Homework In The Morning i do my homework in the morning Chat With College Homework Tutors.