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World War I and Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

❶It was the largest war that the world had seen up to that time.

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Horrible Histories – Frightful First World War

Hitler promised to make his country great again and quickly began to arm Germany again and to seize land from other countries. Shortly before 5am on Friday 1st September, , German forces stormed the Polish frontier. Tanks and motorised troops raced into the country over ground, supported by Stuka dive bombers overhead. A total of 1. Britain and France declared war on Germany after Hitler had refused to abort his invasion of Poland. Countries What countries fought on which side?

Leaders Who were the main leaders in World War Two? Protection How did people protect themselves during the war? More than 65 million men fought in the war. Over 9 million soldiers were killed and 21 million men wounded. So how did the war start?

Obviously the Austrians were not happy and with Germanys help they attacked Serbia. Russia then stepped in to help Serbia and the two sides were at war. This was known as the Western Front.

By this time many countries were involved. The war also extended with fighting in Africa and the Middle East. German submarines sank any ship going to a British port. Some of the ships were American. This caused the Americans to join the war in This was now The Greatest War of all time. The war ended when the Russians were exhausted by the war and make peace with Germany. This surprised Britain when she discovered that her former European customers had now become trade competitors.

Britain started looking for other markets outside Europe like other countries eyed the undeveloped lands of Africa. As long as Britain followed a colonial expansion policy, she was likely to be in conflicts with other countries. Basically, she wanted raw materials and markets in the colonies. Commercial and Trade Competition Merchants traders from other countries began to compete with British merchants. When Britain began protecting her trading rights by bringing her areas of influence under her flag, it resulted into a chain of reaction by Germany and France respectively doing the same.

Britain was also looking for raw materials and markets. When Britain built the deadly dreadnaught which was the fastest battle ship by then, Germany responded by building sophisticated ones such as the U-boat Britain was offended Britain when Kaiser William II sent a congratulatory message telegram to the Boer republican president, Paul Krueger.

Geographically, Britain was separated from Europe. She felt she was not part of Europe and feared that European powers would combine and attack her and no country would help her.

What are World War I and Remembrance Day?

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During World War 1, dogs were used to carry messages in capsules attached to their body. Dogs also carried and placed telegraph wires in important areas. Pigeons were also used during the war.

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What are World War I and Remembrance Day? World War I lasted from Since World War I ended, every year on 11 November we remember the people in the armed forces who died in battle. .

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